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    Being an injured tactical athlete (or caring for them as a physician or physical therapist) can be a challenge in the military health care system.  Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines are rarely in one place or under one provider’s care long enough to complete an entire post-operative or injury rehabilitation protocol.  If a tactical athlete is lucky enough to remain in the same location after surgery they are constantly being pulled in multiple directions for tasking and training.  Military therapists must rely heavily on civilian and NCO staff  and are often left to hope for patient compliance with a home exercise program.  The consistency between the clinic’s equipment and on or off post gyms is spotty at best, add in a post-op protocol full of unknown abbreviations and mismatched exercise handouts that don’t resemble anything a tactical athlete does in physical training, and the Service member is often left confused.  This lack of consistency contributes to a difficult situation for the patient, the provider, the unit and readiness.

    Back To The Box makes post-operative rehabilitation as clear and effective as possible to promote patient responsibility and compliance while freeing military therapists up to focus on quality hands on care.  Via smartphones, tablets and computers Back To The Box programs and videos can be accessed anywhere anytime. Our programs feature defined  precautions and goals, exercise videos and additional educational blog content with a focus on smart training and future injury prevention. The exercises featured in Back To The Box post-rehabilitation programs are based around equipment found in functional training facilities that are fast becoming the standard on military installations worldwide. Our programs go beyond recovery and are designed to promote performance optimization and athlete durability.

    As Veteran Army PTs we’ve been in your shoes as tactical athletes and military healthcare providers. We understand the struggles and we’ve created a service to improve rehabilitation efficiency and effectiveness.  We proudly support this Nation’s most deserving  population and provide our service FREE to active duty military, Veterans, and the physical therapists that care for these tactical athletes.

    If you want to learn more or set up a military account please send us a message through our contact page:

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    We constantly strive to grow and improve our content as well as the functionality of the site. Please send us a message with any critiques or suggestions for improvement.

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